Overview of Inkjet Printers

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Inkjets are mostly available in many homes and offices nowadays, aside from the fact that they can print with jet like speeds, it s also able to print with clearer resolution. It is basically a computer printer that can print a digital image with the use of different droplets of ink on paper. It can be used in different settings from personal use to business use. You can buy small and handy units or you can buy models that are built for heavy duty purposes.  The very first manufacturers for inkjet printers were Epson, Hewlett and Packard and also Canon.

There are two main technologies that categorize inkjet printers, the first one is Continuous Inkjet and the next is the Drop on Demand Inkjet printer. Continuous inkjet printers were first developed by Siemens for product labeling. In this device a high pressure pump directs liquid ink towards a gun body with a microscopic nozzle.

The drop on demand inkjet printer is further divided into thermal drop on demand and the piezoelectric drop on demand. The thermal drop on demand inkjet printer utilizes a print cartridge that has a series of small chambers with a heater. With the use of photolithography and water based inks, these printers can be very cheap and less costly as compared to other printers. The piezoelectric drop on demand printer uses an electric voltage instead of a heater. When a voltage is applied, a piezoelectric material inside the printer changes shape and forces a droplet of ink out of the nozzle.

There are a couple of advantages that the inkjet printer has.  Compared to the other kinds of printers, this printer is much quieter during its operation. Dot matrix as well as daisywheel printers can be very noisy and they can be quite irritating at times even. With the new printers, they even print the finer details with a higher print head resolution.

A lot of the commercially made laser inkjet printers can even print photographic quality printing. Thermal wax, dye sublimations and even conventional laser printers provide a fairly slow printing production because they need to heat up the ink.  If you need to buy printers, you can opt for the latest inkjet colour printer that can provide you with the very best and the fastest quality prints.


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Overview of Inkjet Printers

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This article was published on 2010/12/12